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Coil Feeders

AIDA Straightener Feeder LFA-L Series

Base machine for low-cost automation

Cost performance possibilities recommended by a forming system builder.

AIDA Straightener Feeder LFA-G Series

A best-selling straightener feeder model that provides superior frame rigidity.

An easy to operate, high performance machine.

AIDA Straightener Feeder LFU Series

The loop-less direct-feed design will fit into tight spaces.

Accommodates materials with widths between 70~600 mm and thicknesses up to 10 mm.

AIDA Straightener Feeder LFH Series

An advanced machine with superior rigidity.

A large coil feeder. Accommodates materials with widths between 70~800 mm and thicknesses up to 8 mm (12 mm).

AIDA Coil Feeder Line .

AIDA's wealth of coil feeder experience in leveraged to achive high reliability.

Many choices are available to achive the optimal line for a variety of coil material.

Dedicated Lines for EV Drive Motor Cores

We offer comprehensive production lines for making EV drive motor cores.

Enables single-sourcing of the high-speed precision press and the peripheral equipment (uncoilers, S-loop equipment, feeders, core rotator equipment, scrap cutters, etc.)

NC Roll Feeder F-III Series

Total integration with the press for a high-performance line

The F-IIISeries controls automatically calculate acceleration.

Combined Uncoiler-Straightener L Series

Achieving high cost-performance automation.

The L-Series specification has 13 work rolls


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