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Steering Components

Usage Steering Yoke
Material SPHC
Material Thickness 6.0 mm
Production Method/No. of Stages 6-Stage Transfer Forming
Model TMX-3000
Metalforming Point High-Accuracy Bending of Thick Plate
Usage Tie-Rod Ends
Material S28C
Material Thickness Material Cut from Round Bar Stock
Model CFT-6000
Usage Steering
Material SCR420H
Material Thickness Material Cut from Round Bar Stock
Production Method/No. of Stages 1 Stage
Model CF1-220
Usage Bearing Shells
Material SCM415
Material Thickness 1.5 mm
Model UL-2000
Metalforming Point Net Shape Forming with O.D. Dimensional Variation of 5 µm

Presses Used to Form These Components

Cold Forging Press CF1 Series

These single-point long-stroke presses are equipped with link mechanisms with minimal thrust forces.

Cold Forging Transfer Press CFT Series

The two-point straightside frame delivers high rigidity and the ability to withstand high off-center loading, thereby expanding the die process design possibilities.

Ultimate Precision Forming Press UL Series

The innovative 9-point support system enables high-precision forming that expands the boundaries of metalforming.

Transmax Press TMX Series

Industry-Leading Machines That Incorporate Production Concepts That Established New Benchmarks in Metalforming


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