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Underbody & Brake Components

Usage CV Joint Trunnions
Material SCM420
Material Thickness Material Cut from Round Bar Stock
Production Method/No. of Stages Transfer Forming
Metalforming Point Closed Die Forging Using Synchronized Upper/Lower Cams
Material SCR420
Material Thickness Hot Forging Material
Production Method/No. of Stages Transfer Forming
Metalforming Point I.D. Ironing Process That Doesn't Require the Polishing of the I.D. Grooves
Usage CV Ball Joint
Material SCR420
Material Thickness Material Cut from Round Bar Stock
Production Method/No. of Stages 3-Stage Transfer Forming
Model CFT-6000
Metalforming Point Closed Die Forging; Press Forming of the Chamfered Areas of the Groove Contours
Usage Automotive ABS Components
Material SPCE
Material Thickness 1.6 mm
Production Method/No. of Stages 20-Stage Progressive Forming
Model PMX-3000
Metalforming Point Interior Bend Width (F/B, L/R): 0~0.1 mm; Upper/Lower Hole Alignment: 0.2 mm or better
Usage ABS Sensor (Model)
Material SPCC
Material Thickness 2.6 mm
Model UL-2500

Presses Used to Form These Components

Ultimate Precision Forming Press UL Series

The innovative 9-point support system enables high-precision forming that expands the boundaries of metalforming.

Direct Servo Formers DSF-P Series

Reduces the time spent outside of the actual forming window. A system with advanced functionality that enables the pursuit of production optimization to its very limits. Models range in capacity from 4000 kN to 12000 kN.

Progmax Press PMX Series

Link motion improves productivity and assures stable high-precision forming.

Cold Forging Transfer Press CFT Series

The two-point straightside frame delivers high rigidity and the ability to withstand high off-center loading, thereby expanding the die process design possibilities.

Cold Forging Press FMX Series

Expanding high-performance multi-stage cold forming with a 2-point link motion design and long slide guides.

Cold Forging Press CF1 Series

These single-point long-stroke presses are equipped with link mechanisms with minimal thrust forces.


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