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Mid-Size and Large Presses

AIDA Wide Area Stamping Press SMX Series

A highly rigid, high-precision basic machine that provides superior basic performance.

The soft touch of link motion (optional) keeps die heat to a minimum, and the long restriking time and quick return action assures stable part quality.

AIDA Heavy Stamping Press S1-E Series

Further expanding the limits of thick material forming.

The S1-E Series overcomes three limitations related to thick material forming: 1) Die life, 2) Vibration and noise, and 3) High precision and high productivity.

AIDA Progressive Die Mechanical Press PMX Series

A basic machine for high-precision progressive die applications.

Link motion improves productivity and assures stable high-precision forming.

AIDA Progressive Die Mechanical Press UMX Series

For the precision progressive forming of small parts from thin material.

A highly practical press, the UMX delivers both the functionality and the cost efficiency required for high-precision metalforming.

AIDA Mechanical Transfer Press TMX Series

AIDA transfer press - Always on the cutting edge of industry trends.

AIDA's production concepts have driven the creation of the industry-leading TMX presses which are in a class by themselves.


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