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AIDA's Technologies

The Leading 'Forming Systems Builder' Company

For almost 100 years AIDA has been developing and manufacturing specialized metalforming products such as presses and peripheral equipment (press-mounted automatic transfer equipment, industrial robots, etc.) Moreover, AIDA doesn't just manufacture machines, it also provides comprehensive forming system packages-ranging from the development of dies and forming methodologies and the supply of peripheral equipment to post-installation service. This enables AIDA to recommend optimal solutions to meet the forming requirements of its customers and makes possible the production of products with high value-added content. The designation 'Forming Systems Builder' also conveys AIDA's mindset of staking everything on this kind of manufacturing.

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  • Piling Systems
  • Servo Motors
  • Presses
  • Die-Forming Methods
  • Servo Die Cushions
  • Line Synchronization Control Technologies
  • Material Feeders
  • Servo Drive Technologies


AIDA has a wide array of products to meet every need.
AIDA has been developing revolutionary products that serve as its strategic models, including direct-drive servo presses equipped with AIDA's independently developed servo motors, the ultimate high-precision UL presses that are more accurate than the dies, and the high-speed presses that are essential for the manufacture of motor cores used in hybrid vehicles.

A Wide Array of Automation Equipment

AIDA develops and manufactures the equipment required for press automation, such as feeder equipment, transfer robots, product removal systems, etc. Because entire production line is supplied from AIDA, it gives many advantages, such as enabling optimal synchronization with its presses.

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Die and Forming Method Development

Through our pursuit of new possibilities in metalforming--researching new materials, developing forming technologies, performing process studies, designing and manufacturing dies, etc.--we are able to support the high value-added production of our customers.

Service: Providing High-Quality Products and Full Post-Installation Service Support

AIDA not only supplies products, we also provide our customers with total support services ranging from logistics and installation to post-delivery preventive maintenance and spare parts. We also offer comprehensive support ranging from overhauls to retrofit services, where we retrofit and modify old machines using the latest technologies. With experienced engineers and a global service network, AIDA is providing reliable support services to both its domestic and overseas customers.

Line Synchronization Control Technologies

Achieving both high formability and high productivity is a major challenge when it comes to forming high-strength steel sheets and stamping complex shapes. AIDA was the first company in the world to successfully synchronize transfer systems with the pendulum motion feature of a servo press. And AIDA has developed a steady stream of technologies that synchronize presses and material feed equipment, such as auto-calculation systems with settings that allow coil feeders to always maintain an optimal pace, and predictive functions that prevent interference between the timing of the press slide and motions of robot transfers.

Servo Motors

The world's most powerful class of 'low-speed, high-torque' servo motors that are able to maintain 100% of the forming energy even at low speeds. Because the motor power is directly transmitted to the press drive components without going through a reducer, the robust power of the motor and its precise motions combine to deliver unparalleled performance.
AIDA servo motors are not only used for presses, they are also used to supply the brawn needed for injection molding machines, construction machinery, and crushing machines.

Motor Drive Technologies for Presses and Peripheral Automation Equipment

Focusing primarily on servo motor drives, we offer a broad range of optimized motor drive technologies for machinery. Our drive technologies deliver high-performance locating, synchronization, and tuning controls to accommodate a wide array of customer requirements, such as higher productivity and labor savings.