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Servo Die Cushions

An AIDA Original--Motorized Hydraulic Servo Die Cushions
That Provide Limitless Draw-Forming Possibilities

Draw-forming accuracy is greatly influenced by the performance of the die cushion.
AIDA's servo-driven hydraulic die cushions combine servo motors with AIDA-developed servo controllers to deliver precise variable-pressure controls. It enables the optimal conditions for the complex draw forming of highly-designed parts and the forming of very difficult-to-form materials such as high-tensile steels.

  • Die cushions that could have only been developed by a 'Forming Systems Builder' who fully took into consideration the interactions between the press, the die and the die cushion.
  • Precise yet flexible motorized hydraulic systems. Minimal surge pressures and smooth pressure changes.
  • Conserves 70% of the consumed energy.
  • Aggregation and analysis of data from multiple runs. This enables customers to independently evolve their processes.

The Architecture of the AIDA's Independently Developed Servo Die Cushions

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Product Lineup

Die Cushion Capacities: 150 kN ~ 5000 kN

Forming Example

Forming 980 MPa (100-Kilo Class) High-Strength Material Using a Direct-Drive DSF-M2-4000 Servo Press

(Left) When formed using a pneumatic die cushion.
(Right) When formed using an AIDA motorized hydraulic servo die cushion.

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Achieving unparalleled formability by equipping a Direct Servo Press with an AIDA motorized hydraulic servo die cushion that can itself form material.
Multi-action forming from both above and below is leveraged to achieve stable high-precision forming that eliminates the internal stresses and deformation issues that accompany the forming of high-strength materials.

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