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Line Synchronization Control Technologies

Tandem Lines

High-speed systems for controlling the synchronization of an entire press line.
Tandem lines improve cycle times by synchronizing the motions of the presses and transfers and by enabling differentically-phased operation of the presses in the line.

Mechanical Lines

Progressive Lines

Lines where two presses are synchronized to run progressive applications._
Because the presses have different stroke lengths, their operation is synchronized by matching the timing when the presses pass through bottom dead center.

Press Models NC2-2000 + NC2-2500
SPM (min-1) 25
Max. Coil Width (mm) 400

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Transfer Lines

Transfers are used to shuttle material between 2 presses to achieve continuous operation synchronization at speeds up to 33 min-1.
It is also possible to operate each press independently.

Press Models UL-20000 x 2
Area (mm) 2400 x 1500
SPM (min-1) 15~33
Maximum Blank Size (mm) Ø200 ~ Ø360 (Material Thickness: Up to t6)

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Robot Lines Consisting of a Combination of Press Models

A production system where the motions of 5 presses are synchronized. It is also possible to split the line into two separate synchronized 2-press and 3-press lines.

Press Models NC1-2500 x 3 + K1-2500 + S1-3000
SPM (min-1) 30
Max. Coil Width (mm) 250

Servo Lines

Servo Tandem Lines

When using servo presses, the slide positions of each press can precisely controlled at high speed throughout the entire stroke. In contrast to a conventional press line where the slide motion of each press and the blank transfer motion of each press is almost constant, each parameter can be optimized in order to leverage the maximum formability characteristics of the press, the maximum flexibility of the transfer equipment, and the maximum transfer speed. AIDA has enabled the world's highest productivity level (max. 18 SPM) for deep-drawn automotive body panels.

Press Models DSF-S4-23000 + 12000 x 2 + 10000
Area (mm) 4500 x 2200mm
SPM (min-1) 18
Maximum Blank Size (mm) 4000 x 1900

Compact High-Speed Servo Tandem Lines

A tandem line is achieved by using a general-purpose servo press at each stage and linking these presses using AIDA high-speed transfer robots. Equipped with a predictive function that avoids interference between the timing of the press slide and robot transfer motions, it enables synchronization of the entire line without slowing the line speed, thereby achieving productivity that is even equivalent to that of a large transfer press.

Press Models DSF-N1-2000 x 7
Area (mm) 1000 x 650
SPM (min-1) Maximu Line Speed: 30
Maximum Blank Size (mm) Approx. Ø350

Transfer Lines

Servo Lines

AIDA was the first company in the world to successfully synchronize transfer systems with the pendulum motion feature of a servo press. When automotive frame members (made of high-strength steels) are formed using a 3000-ton press, it boosts productivity approximately 150% in comparison to a conventional press.

Press Models DSF-T4-30000-625-250
Area (mm) 6250 x 2500
SPM (min-1) 10~30
Maximum Blank Size (mm) 1300 x 2200

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