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Transfer EquipmentAIDA Auto-Hand A-8II Series

With its variable-lift stroke and its line segmentation feature,this flexible line can produce two products simultaneously.


  • Line segmentation, corner floorspace utilization, and feed direction changes are possible.
  • Conveying work pieces between presses with unequal working heights is possible.
  • A line of multiple presses of varying sizes can also be constructed by us

Capacity Range

Lines are available in feed lengths of 900, 1200, and 1500 mm. Extensive peripheral devices such as blank or coil feed units and intermediate stages are also available.

Primary Specifications

Model Feed Stroke Lift Stroke Conveyance weight limit Cycle Time Number of Presses in Line
(mm) (mm) (kg) (sec) (units)
A-8II-90 900 20~100(Variable) 4.0 1.45~1.9 12
A-8II-120 1000~1200 20~100(Variable) 4.0 1.55~2.0 12
A-8II-150 1300~1500 20~100(Variable) 4.0 2.0~2.55 12
A-8II-170 1600~1700 20~100(Variable) 5.0 2.5~3.1 12

Inquiries and Requests


Inquiries and Requests