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Transfer EquipmentAIDA Linepacer NCTHL Series

The two-axis servo drive provides a simple, yet highly versatile line offering low-shock high-speed transfer.


  • Shorter overall line length saves factory floorspace.
  • Direct transfer can reduce equipment costs versus systems that station multiple robots between presses.
  • Given a broad range of conveying strokes available in one line, multi-stage procession can also possible.

Capacity Range

Lines are available in feed lengths of 1500 and 3000 mm. Extensive peripheral devices such as blank or coil feed units and intermediate stages are also available.

Primary Specifications

Model Conveyance Type Drive Type Feed Stroke※1 Lift Stroke Total Conveyance Weight(Max)
Number of Presses in Line Cycle Time Clamp Method
(mm) (mm) (kg) (units) (sec)
NCTHL-150/10 Feedbar type Feed-lift 2-axis servo motor type 700~900 20~60※2 3.0 6※3 2.0~2.1 Vacuum or magnetic
1000~1200 3.5 2.2~2.5
1300~1500 4.0 2.6~2.9
NCTHL-300/10 Carrier type Feed-lift 2-axis servo motor type 1600~1800 20~60※2 4.5 3.0~3.2 Vacuum or magnetic
1900~2400 5.0 6 3.3~3.7
2500~3000 6.0 3.7~3.8
  1. ※1Feed stroke selections are fixed.
  2. ※2The lift stroke can be adjusted in 0.1 mm increments.
  3. ※3Up to 8 presses in the case of direct conveyance.

Inquiries and Requests


Inquiries and Requests