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Used Equipment Acquisition Process (From Assessment to Pickup)

1. Inquiries

Fill in the required information on the "Inquiries and Requests" form on this homepage, and then email it to AIDA.

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2. Assessment and Acquisition Offer

An AIDA Used Equipment Sales associate will contact you. After talking with you, AIDA will submit an acquisition offer.
(All assessment-related costs are borne by AIDA, so do not hesitate to request an assessment.)

3. Contract Agreement

If you accept AIDA's acquisition offer, a contract will be signed and the pickup date will be set.

4. Pickup

On the agreed-upon date, an experienced heavy-equipment shipping contractor (arranged by AIDA) will come to pick up the equipment. (Depending on the equipment involved, the shipping contractor may need to inspect your site and discuss specifics beforehand.)

5. Payment

The entire purchase price will be electronically transferred to your bank account.


Inquiries and Requests