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The Advantages of AIDA Used Presses and Press Equipment

1. Repaires and adjustments are made based on thorough quality and functionality checks that only a top manufacture can provide.

After arriving at an AIDA factory, The press is first cleaned under a careful observation.. This is followed by inspections and accuracy measurements based on AIDA's own checklists.

  • If these inspections find parts that need to be repaired or replaced, repairs and replacements are done to the extent possible.
  • Accuracy is adjusted to meet AIDA press shipment standards.
    (These accuracy standards differ from the standards for new presses.)

Checksheet Examples

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Before Cleaning -> Before Shipment

2. Aside from adding customer-requested options, a final coat of paint can also be applied.

We will repaint the equipment using colors stipulated by the customer.
(Painting is performed by AIDA personnel who also paint new AIDA equipment.)

3. In order to enable the customer to begin using the equipment right after delivery, AIDA will perform any self-directed inspections stipulated by Japanese regulations.

After signing a contract and after any option-related work has been completed, any specific self-directed inspections stipulated by Japanese regulations will be performed before shipment.


Inquiries and Requests