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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a warranty period?

A. There is no warranty period. However, AIDA will repair any initial problems after the equipment is delivered to the customer site (within the first month after delivery) that are due to repairs that were performed by AIDA. (In Japan only)

Q. What is the post-delivery Service support?

A. The entire Japanese AIDA Service network can respond to repair requests. If desired, AIDA can also perform the yearly self-directed inspections stipulated by Japanese regulations in subsequent years. (Payment required.)

Q. We would like to move the equipment overseas. Is this possible?

A. AIDA will modify the equipment to meet overseas specifications. (However, there are some modification requests that AIDA cannot accommodate.)
AIDA will handle everything from packing, export paperwork, ocean freighting, and local inland freighting through installation.
Upon request, AIDA can issue the Declaration of Non-Applicability required when exporting from Japan. (At no cost when AIDA-made Used equipment is purchased.) AIDA's overseas Service network can respond to repair requests. (Payment required.)

Q. Is AIDA able to perform acquisition assessments for non-AIDA presses?

A. Yes, AIDA can perform acquisition assessments for non-AIDA presses.

Q. I am looking for a press that is not shown on AIDA's inventory list. What should I do?

A. AIDA has dedicated sales associates throughout Japan. If you can give us prior notice of the type of equipment you are looking for, we will let you know as soon as any acquisition information is received from our sales force.

Q. Can driving test be done at the display site?

A. Excluding certain models, operational verification for most equipment is possible.
(In order to prepare for such tests, please notify us 2~3 days before you arrive.)

Q. What are the display site business hours

A. From 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. (Please let us know when you are coming beforehand, as the display site may sometimes be closed during the week during the summer shutdown, etc.)


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