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General-Purpose Servo PressesAIDA Direct Servo Formers DSF-C1-A Series

The Next Evolution in Direct Servo Formers.


  • (1)Enhanced Productivity
    Equipped with a newly-developed AC servo motor and a lighter-weight drivetrain, the pendulum motion SPM has been increased between 5~10% compared to existing servo presses. (Compared to existing AIDA servo presses.)
  • (2)Improved Operability
    When combined with an AIDA feeder, production can be optimized via simple settings.
  • (3)A Machine with High Energy-Efficiency
    Equipped with Energy-Conserving ECO Modes. The electrical power monitor is standard equipment.
    Using a selector button, you can now select between three new modes--Standard, ECO1, and ECO2--to optimize the electrical power consumption in the non-forming portion of the stroke. This enables reduced power consumption based on production conditions. Additionally, electrical current fluctuations at the primary-side power source are constrained via a power supply converter that is equipped with control features.

Capacity Range

Press capacities range from 800 kN to 2500 kN.

Model Capacity Stroke Length Continuous SPM (No Load)※1 Die Height Slide Area Bolster Area Frame Gap ※2
(kN) Upper Row Denotes Fwd/Rev. Motion(mm)※2 Upper Row Denotes Fwd/Rev. Motion(spm) (mm) LR×FB(mm) LR×FB(mm) (mm)
DSF-C1-800 800 60/100/130 118/96/82 320 540×460 1030×600 310
160 ~80
DSF-C1-1100 1100 70/110/150 114/93/76 350 630×520 1140×680 350
180 ~70
DSF-C1-1500 1500 80/120/160 100/82/68 400 700×580 1250×760 390
200 ~60
DSF-C1-2000 2000 110/160/200 81/67/57 450 880×650 1470×840 430
250 ~50
DSF-C1-2500 2500 120/180/240 72/59/48 540 1100×730 1750×900 470
300 ~40
  1. ※1The above Strokes per Minute (No Load) value is for crank motion.
  2. ※2The Fwd/Rev. stroke length is freely programmable.

Inquiries and Requests


Inquiries and Requests