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About the company

Q. When was the company founded and incorporated?

A.It was founded in March 1917 and incorporated in March 1937.
Please also see our “History” for more details.

Q. What is AIDA's business?

A. The Company develops, sells, and services press forming systems. Please see “Corporate Information” page for more details.

Q. What is your management strategy?

A. Please visit our “Management Information” page.

Q. Please tell me about your main products.

A. Please visit our “Product Information” page.

Q. Please tell me about your Corporate Governance initiatives.

A. Please visit our “Corporate Governance” page.

Q. Please tell me about your environmental initiatives.

A. Please visit our “CSR” page.

Financial Statements and Financial Information FAQs

Q. What is your fiscal year?

A. From April 1 through March 31.

Q. Where can I find information about the most recent financial statements?

A. Please see our ‘Latest IR Documents (IR Documentation). You can view financial results (financial statement reporting documents), securities reports (documentation submitted to the Ministry of Finance), quarterly reports, and even Integrated Reports and financial results briefing documents.

Q. When are financial statements expected to be announced?

A. Please see the ‘IR Calendar’.

Stocks and Shareholder Meeting FAQs

Q. On which stock exchange are you listed?

A. Tokyo Stock Exchange, Prime Market.

Q. What is your Securities Exchange Code?

A. 6118.

Link to Today’s Stock Price (Yahoo Finance)

Q. How many shares are in a mandatory unit of transaction?

A. 100 shares.

Q. Who can I talk to about stock-related procedures?

A. First, please talk to your stock brokerage firm. If you do not have a stock brokerage firm, you can also utilize Mizuho Trust and Banking Company's special account management institution for all procedures relating to stocks. You can review the detailed information regarding stock exchange procedures at the Mizuho Trust and Banking Co., Ltd., website.

Q. When are your regular shareholder meetings?

A. The regular shareholder meeting is held in late June of each year.
The exact date and further information will be announced in the Invitation Notice for the Annual Shareholders Meeting. Please access the “General Meeting of Shareholders” or “IR Calender” page for more information.

Q. What is your dividend policy?

A. AIDA ENGINEERING, LTD. Ltd. recognizes that increasing shareholder profit is one of its primary executive management tasks. Our basic policy is to continue to provide stable returns to shareholders by aiming to maintain a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 40% or higher while at the same time assuring a strong management and financial foundation, and investments for future growth.
Please be aware that we do not pay interim dividends.
Please click here to view specific dividend policies and dividend trends.

Q. Do you have special benefit plans for shareholders?

A. Not at this time.

Other Items

Q. Who should I contact if I need further information?

A. Please fill out the Inquiry Form and send it to us.

Investor Relations