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Environmental and Social Report

Environmental Protection Activities

AIDA's Environmental Policy

AIDA has established the following Environmental Policy.

Environmental Policy

Recognizing that protecting the earth's environment is one of the most important goals shared by all mankind, as AIDA Engineering, Ltd., rises to the challenge of attaining "a harmony between people and technology" that creates a people-friendly environment as it pursues original technologies in the metalforming field, it will establish and implement a workplace environment where environmental protections will be incorporated into the engineering, manufacturing, and sales activities for its presses, automation equipment, and auxiliary equipment.

1. AIDA will work to reduce its environmental footprint by continuously improving its environmental management systems, and AIDA will also promote environmental management activities by revising its environmental-related targets and goals.

2. AIDA will strive to protect the environment and strictly adhere to any other requirements stipulated by laws, regulations, and accepted practices.

3. In order to proactively prevent the destruction and pollution of the natural environment to the extent that it is technologically and economically feasible, AIDA will promote the following and will strive to reduce the burden being placed on the earth's environment.
(1) Promote resource and energy conservation.
(2) Eliminate waste products and promote recycling.
(3) Minimize the release of harmful substances. Additionally, move towards the use of substances that present minimal harm.
(4) Painstakingly manage buildings, equipment, and processes, etc., that could possibly have an adverse effect on the environment.
(5) Implement oil leakage countermeasures (even in drop-size increments) and prevent water and soil contamination.

4. Strive to ensure that all employees understand this environmental policy and have a heightened environmental awareness, and work towards the practical implementation of environmental improvements and protections. Moreover, we will also inform participating business partners of this environmental policy and ask for their understanding and cooperation in implementing environmental improvements and protections.

Based on the above environmental policy, AIDA has established the following medium-term environmental targets and is actively engaged in environmental management activities.

Environmental Targets (2019~2021)*Years ended March31

1. Maintain compliance with laws and ordinances (air, water, noise, etc.)
2. Promote the recycling of waste materials and remain within current levels.
3. Promote energy conservation.
4. Improve environmental protection initiatives.
5. Develop environmentally friendly products.

Specific examples of our environmental activities are given below.

Promotion of Waste Material Recycling and Reclamation

Our Manufacturing Department actively reclaims the machining oil used for machining components and the lubricants used in our products. They also strive to re-use packaging and cushioning materials when shipping items from the factory.

Utilization of Waste Heat from In-House Power Generation for Air Conditioning

AIDA Engineering, Ltd. generates electricity in-house using natural gas that emits minimal CO2. A ‘co-generation system’ then utilizes the heat emitted during electricity production to run the air conditioning in parts of the factory.
This in-house generator also proved its worth in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Environmentally-Friendly Designs That Reduce the Amount of Waste Oils

A circulating lubrication system is used for the press drive components, bearings, and slide guides. This is an environmentally friendly design that has reduced the amount of waste oils.

Development of Environmentally Friendly Products

In addition to providing high precision and high quality, our servo presses (Servo Pro Series) also provide excellent energy conservation and have received the ‘MF Eco Machine Certification’ (see the Note below).
AIDA was the first company to implement this certification system when it was first established, and we take pride in the fact that we are in the top class within our industry in terms of the number of certified products.

Note: Overview of the MF Eco Machine Certification System
The MF Eco Machine Certification System is a certification standard established by the Japan Forming Machinery Association (JFMA) for ’Eco Products’ (i.e., environmentally friendly products). This certification system was established in April 2009 to promote the development of environmentally friendly products in the forming machinery industry as a means to reduce environmental impact and improve work environments. In the certification council, whose members include outside experts, JFMA uses its exclusive ‘MF Eco Machine Certification Standard’ to evaluate, certify, and register products and then publicly releases the results.

Regional & Community Support Activities

AIDA's Motto: “Contributing to People and Community”

Factory Tours and Hands-On Learning

As part of its continuing efforts to support local education, AIDA's main factory conducts factory tours for nearby middle school students as well as hands-on learning opportunities.

Local Activities

As the administrators of their respective industrial parks, the AIDA main factory and the AIDA Tsukui Factory are actively involved in local activities, and they contribute locally by working to resolve any problems in the industrial parks while further enhancing relationships with neighboring companies and local governmental bodies.

Corporate Information