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Action Guidelines

Aida Group Action Guidelines
(Policy Established October 14, 2003)

The “Aida Group Action Guidelines” are a compilation of ideas upon which the pursuit of our business activities should be based, making all executives and employees in the Aida Engineering Group aware of our social responsibility to “develop globally as a forming systems builder and continue to contribute to the people and society” as stated in our corporate philosophy.
Therefore, it is important that we all conduct our day-to-day operations based upon this policy.
Should problems occur which are not identified in this policy nor are not clear how to handle, please consult with your direct supervisor or with a compliance manager.

1.Contributing to the Needs of Society

We will make every effort to conduct high quality business activities in order to meet social needs.
(1) We will make every effort to supply high-grade, high quality products and service in order to satisfy our customers worldwide.
(2) We will take pride as the leading company in the field of metal forming systems; and recognizing our responsibility as a corporate citizen in the international community, we will conduct sound business operations in countries and regions throughout the world.

2.Observing the Law and the Spirit of the Law

We will observe the law and the spirit or ethics of the law, and we will conduct our business activities impartially and in good faith.
(1) When there is a conflict between corporate profits and ethics, preference will be given to ethics without fail.
(2) In the pursuit of compliance, when facing a problem, we will actively find a solution through free and lively discussion.
(3) We will strongly confront antisocial activities that pose a threat to safety and order in civil society.

3.Respect for Everyone Concerned

In the pursuit of our business activities, we will have respect for customers, stockholders, trade connections, local communities, and all concerned, and we will contribute toward the sound development of society.
(1) We will build a corporate culture that dignifies the basic human rights of all parties concerned in the spirit of respect for human dignity.
(2) We will maintain healthy transparent relations with customers and trade connections.
(3) Information such as management policy and performance, etc. that is necessary to stockholders, trade connections, and all concerned parties everywhere will be released in a timely manner, enhancing the transparency of business activities.
(4) In this era of globalization, we will have respect for all cultural customs and traditions, and we will contribute to the development of local communities.

4.Promoting Business that Respects the Environment

In the pursuit of our business activities, we will make constant efforts to preserve the global environment.
(1) We will hasten the development of products that give consideration to saving resources, saving energy, low vibration, and low noise.
(2) We will conduct business activities with a conscious toward maintaining and improving the environment, and we will make efforts to reduce waste and promote recycling.

5.Appropriately Using Confidential Information and Valuing Intellectual Property

We will comprehend the importance of confidential information and intellectual property and manage such data properly. Also, we will work toward creating intellectual property at Aida.
(1) We will maintain strict control over company and individual confidential information. We will not improperly obtain, utilize, or disclose such data.
(2) We will work toward creating and applying all of Aida's intellectual property such as patents, technical expertise, etc.

6.Respect for Employees and Environmental Improvements

We will have respect for employees as single individuals, and we will strive to create a workplace environment wherein all employees can safely demonstrate their various abilities in full.
(1) We will behave independently and autonomously, with each individual person possessing a high sense of ethics.
(2) We will conduct our business while having respect for each other's personal rights and character, always being in compliance, with the aim of improving workplace safety and efficiency of operations; and we will build a free open-minded workplace in which all things can be discussed freely.

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