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Toshihiko Suzuki
Representative Director and President (CEO)

In April 2023 we introduced a new framework to further strengthen our management structure in order to vigorously promote the new AIDA Medium-Term Management Plan, which commences in this new fiscal year.

AIDA inherited its founder's "Manufacturing DNA," and in the over 100 years since its founding, AIDA has amassed a wide array of continuously evolving cutting-edge technologies. AIDA must continue to evolve even further to meet the needs of the changing times, including those related to environmental issues, major transformations in the automotive industry, and the digital transformation. Based on the corporate philosophy of 'AIDA will grow as a forming system builder and continue its contribution to people and community,' AIDA will leverage its technologies to provide solutions to current issues, such as those related to SDGs, decarbonization, energy conservation, and digitalization.

Based on its management policy of "Improve Corporate Value through Value Creation and Societal Contributions to Achieve Sustainable Growth Together with Our stakeholders," AIDA will strive to maximize profits, improve satisfaction, and aim for sustainable growth over the medium- to long-term for everyone who supports AIDA--namely, its shareholders, its business partners, its customers, and all the AIDA Group employees and their families.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your continued support and understanding of AIDA ENGINEERING.

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