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Disclosure Policy

At Aida Engineering, Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “our company”), we provide our stockholders and investors with prompt, transparent, fair and continuous disclosure of company information. Besides providing disclosure in compliance with the Securities Exchange Law and the Tokyo Stock Exchange's “Timely Disclosure Rule,” we will try to actively and promptly disclose company information that our company considers effective and valuable for understanding our company.

Disclosure Methods

Disclosure of important information pertinent to the Tokyo Stock Exchange's “Timely Disclosure Rule” is published through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) after prior notification to the Exchange and proper registration. After registering information on TDnet, we will disclose the same information to the media and will post it on our website without delay.

Outlook and Earnings Forecast

The content posted on this website includes planning, future prospects, and strategies of our company and its affiliates. The overall thrust of this content, apart from those relating to the past or current facts, is concerned with future trends and development about which judgments and assumptions are made based on the information available at the time of the announcement. Actual earnings may differ from the forecasts due to various risks, unforeseen events and situations, and unpredictable economic conditions.

Silent Period

Our company has set up a silent period from the two weeks before the closing date of every quarter to the announcement of its financial results for the quarter in order to prevent the leakage of earnings information and thus ensures fairness. During this period, we refrain from responding to or commenting on any inquiries relating to account settlements. However, if there is a prospect that the earnings forecast will greatly change during this silent period, we will make such information available to the public according to the disclosure rules. In addition, we will respond to any inquiries pertaining to previously announced information regardless of any silent period.

About this Website

This website is available to those who are interested in viewing our company information on the Internet. In order to maintain a fair disclosure of information, we try to post the aforementioned information on this website as soon as the information is publicly announced. However, the posting time may be delayed due to circumstances such as shortcomings in information and communication technology. Therefore, our company deems disclosure of information on this website to be a secondary measure.

Moreover, not all of the information disclosed by our company may be posted on this website, or the information on this website may be simplified for easier understanding, and may thus differ from the original form of the information publicized by other methods. We appreciate your understanding of these facts when you view this website.

Investor Relations