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Dividend Information

Dividend Policy

Aida Engineering, Ltd. considers the dividend policy to be one of its top priority issues. We strive for added corporate value and a continuous increase of earnings per share. We try to achieve these goals by reinforcing our operating foundation, enhancing corporate quality, and expanding our global business. Our basic policy is to continue to provide stable dividends to stockholders by aiming to maintain a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 30% or higher while at the same time assuring a stable management foundation and maintaining our reserves for investments for future growth. Our dividend is determinate by resolution in the regular shareholders meeting, and shall be paid to our shareholders once a year as a year-end dividend.

Record date for dividend

March 31, annually

Annual dividend per share

AIDA ENGINEERING, LTD.|Annual dividend per share

* Including additional commemorative dividend of ¥10 for celebrating 100th anniversary.

Investor Relations