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An Introduction to the AIDA Forming Engineering Center (AFEC)

AFEC brings the right technologies to the table to solve a wide variety of metalforming challenges.

Customers have to deal with many challenges when using presses to form metals, such as process designs, die designs, and the review of forming system specifications.
The AIDA Forming Engineering Center (AFEC) functions as AIDA's metalforming development center, and it helps customers achieve high value-added production by providing problem resolution support that leverages a wide range of proven cutting-edge technologies.

In addition, through its research of the latest technologies and the in-house development of new forming methodologies and new forming systems, AFEC is working to extend the boundaries of the metalforming field even further.

Services Provided by the AIDA Forming Engineering Center

1) Development Advice

AFEC offers advice regarding forming methodologies, processes, and associated systems.

2) Mass Production Support

AFEC supports smooth mass production startups by manufacturing and testing mass production dies.

3) Turnkey Package Systems

You can entrust entire projects to AFEC, starting from product drawing reviews and continuing through forming method trials and die trials, press forming equipment, line trials, and post-installation support. AFEC leverages the wealth of expertise that only a press manufacturer can provide in order to support quick production startups.

4) Systems for a All Types of Dies

  • The environmentally friendly high-performance AFP Series press die lube pump.
  • AIDA hydraulic die cushions that enable precision shear forming and multi-action forming.

5) Technology Training Services

AFEC provides training seminars, etc., in response on customer requests, such as 'We want to learn the basics of metalforming,' or 'We want AFEC to explain the new forming methodologies to us.'

Trial Presses at the AIDA Forming Engineering Center

High-Precision Forming Press

Direct Servo Former

Direct Servo Former

Cold Forging Press

Turnkey Project Flowchart

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