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Ecological Recommendations

Switch from a Dry Clutch and Brake to a Maintenance-Free Wet Clutch and Brake!

Modification Details

  • A combined type dry clutch and brake can be replaced with the same type of wet clutch and brake (TUC).
  • A separate-type dry clutch and brake can be replaced by the same type of dry clutch and brake.


  • Greatly extends lining life by reducing friction plate lining wear.
  • With systematic lube oil control, the units are almost maintenance-free, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • The clutch and brake actuates within a fully sealed chamber, reducing noise as it engages and disengages.
  • The friction plate lining wear particulates do not become airborne, enabling a better working environment.

Implementation Examples

  • Linings have to be replaced periodically
  • Oil leaks can degrade stopping performance
  • Oil is replaced only once a year
  • Maintenance-free


  • Dual valve with EP monitoring
  • Clutch and brake recirculating lube pump unit and flow sensors
  • Clutch and brake air quick-exhaust valve
  • Clutch and brake lube oil temperature controller
  • Electric overrun prevention device
  • Preset stop position device

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